Artist Statement

Marta Rocamora is a painter. She creates figurative images she finds in dreams, or whilst daydreaming.

Rocamora works regularly with watercolour on Arches paper to create delicate, minutely detailed pieces. But the pull of large scale projects is calling again, and she is experimenting with various techniques, such as printing, chalk drawing and installation.

Rocamora grew up in Barcelona and now lives in London, after a spell living in rural Ireland. Her palette contains the colours of the people and places she has experienced - Nature and the human body are her vocabulary.

Rocamora uses her Art as a means for self-development, and to bring up questions about social and political issues, in the hope that dialogue and self-reflection will ensue. Her work is informed by therapy particularly through her experience of Bert Hellinger’s systemic constellations, which has been a turning point in her life and Art. Deeply moved by this event, she uses her brush to shed light on the entanglements in her life history. C.G. Jung’s theories on dream analysis and shadow integration also inform her imagery. She is inspired by the wonder of what lies in and beyond five sense reality, as portrayed in Carlos Castaneda’s books, and experienced through the practices of lucid dreaming and meditation.

Marta Rocamora’s purpose in Art and Life is to be real, to truly connect with what is inside, around and beyond her, to move and be moved to positive action, to share and to learn. Her paintings are windows into her personal exploration, and they are open. Would you like a look in?